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How to Stretch Suede Shoes


Suede is the inner layer of a leather hide that has had its surface abraded with sandpaper giving it a velvet appearance. Because suede can easily sustain damage, it is best to avoid any of the do-it-yourself folk remedies for stretching shoes such as the ice stretching method.

How to Use a Shoe Stretcher

To avoid damaging delicate suede during the stretching process, it is best either to have them professionally stretched at a shoe-repair shop or to purchase a professional shoe stretcher.

  1. Purchase a shoe stretcher that meets your needs and shoe stretcher spray. Shoe stretchers are sold based on sex, foot size and type of shoe. For example, you can purchases a woman’s size 6 shoe stretcher for high-heeled shoes.
  2. Spray the shoes with the shoe stretcher spray. The sprays work to soften the shoes while they are being stretched to help prevent tearing. Make sure that the spray you choose is safe for suede.
  3. Insert the shoe stretchers into the shoe and turn it until the shoe begins to resist.
  4. Set the shoes aside overnight. Repeat until the desired width and length are reached.



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