How to Treat Nail Fungus with Vinegar

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Nail fungus is a frustrating and unpleasant problem that does not prejudice based on gender. The yellow or white appearance of the fungus is unattractive and the itching can be maddening. If you are looking for a solution to treat the symptoms of nail fungus that are natural, there are a few that even dermatologists recommend may be worth a try.


Some studies have shown that soaking fungus in vinegar may inhibit its ability to grow. While no one is completely sure whether or not vinegar soaks effectively treat nail fungus, it should at least slow the growth and spread of the fungus. It is suggested by experts that those experiencing nail fungus infections should create a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts warm water. Then, the feet should be submerged in the solution for about fifteen minutes.

After soaking in the vinegar, the feet should be thoroughly rinsed and dried. These soaks can be performed daily, but if irritation occurs, the soaks should be reduced to one every two or three days.  

Vicks VapoRub

While there have been no clinical trials to support the use of Vicks VapoRub to treat toenail fungus, there is much anecdotal evidence. Vicks VapoRub should be applied to the nails, but no other instructions regarding its use to treat nail fungus is available.  

Clean the Nails

One important way to treat nail fungus at home is by keeping the nails clean and dry. Avoid wearing thick socks and gym shoes. It's also important to avoid any situations that may cause the feet to become wet and remain wet for a long period of time. Moisture will contribute to the growth of the fungus.

It is also important to wash and dry your hands after coming into contact with your own or another person's fungal infection. The infection can be spread with your hands, which means it can travel to more of your toenails or it can infect another person.  


The best way to treat a nail fungus infection is to never get one in the first place. Nail fungus grows when your feet are damp, such as from gym shoes, swimming, or exercising. Additionally, nail fungus is usually picked up in a public location, such as a pool, amusement park, or gym. Nail fungus infections can be prevented by wearing shoes at all times in public places, including swimming shoes inside and around public pools.


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