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How to Use Blackberry as a Modem


BlackBerry’s new smartphones are among the smartest to hit the market. These things can do just about anything, even hook up a computer to the internet, which is great for people out of WiFi range, or in the middle of nowhere. As long as there is coverage, there is internet.

Make sure you have a USB cable, and one of BlackBerry’s tethered modem compatible phones (BlackBerry smartphones 7130 – 8300, 3G, and BlackBerry Bold), and a computer.

Step 1 – Installation

Install your BlackBerry Desktop Software (compatible software includes BDS 4.1-5.0). When you install the software, the Dial Up Network is automatically installed with it.

Step 2 – Creating an Access Point Name

Go to your Phone and Modem Options located in the Control Panel and choose the Modems tab.

Choose Standard Modem and click on Properties, then select Change Settings.

Click on the Advanced tab and type in +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”<Device Internet APN>” into the Extra Initialization Commands. If you are using a device powered by T Mobile then just type in +cgdcont=1,”IP”,””.

Click OK where you need to. This will set up an Internet Access Point Name (APN).

Step 3 – How to Configure your Dial Up Network on Windows Vista

Go to your Start menu and select Connect To, then select Set Up a Connection or Network. Choose Set up a Dial Up Connection.

It gets a bit tricky here, as you have to know what network your BlackBerry operates on. If it operates on a GPRS or EDGE network, type in *99# into the “Phone Number” field; if your phone operates on the UMTS network, type in *98#; if your phone operates on CDMA or EVDO, then type in #777. Once all of that is figured out, click Next.

Enter in the username and password your provider has given you (if any) and move on to the field marked Connection Name. Type in BlackBerry, then click Dialing Rules. Make sure the APN you created in step 2 is the one selected, then click OK.

Click on the Connect icon to connect to the internet.

Step 4

Now all you have to do is connect your BlackBerry device to the computer via USB cable and make sure your Desktop Manager is running, then go to Network Connections and enter in your username and password, then click Dial. Voila! Internet from your Blackberry to you.

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