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How to Use Linkedin


LinkedIn is a social networking site that lets you build networks and connections with other professionals and experts in specific fields. This site is an effective tool to market your business and yourself. LinkedIn, is not another FaceBook or MySpace it is solely business related. You can connect with classmates, business associates and other professionals in order to gain clientele and a larger following for what you are representing. After initial set up of your LinkedIn profile, using LinkedIn can be very useful in your business endeavors.

Setting up Your Profile

First, set up your profile. When you sign up for LinkedIn (it’s free), you will go through a series of questions and will basically input your resume, photos or logos, and import contacts from your email address. This will help have the most completed, therefore, effective profile.

Keep in Touch with Associates

After you set up your profile, you will then be able to import contacts from your email address book. After doing this, you can search for other connections on LinkedIn. Unlike other networks where you can search and add random users, LinkedIn attempts to connect users based on professional commonalities. LinkedIn suggests users to one another based on criteria such as a shared educational background, shared professional background, or common connections.

Share your Ideas with Other Experts

LinkedIn offers a community that will allow you to start groups, join groups, and connect all social networking outlets i.e. blogs, Twitter, RSS Feeds, and other connections you may have. This will help to show people what you do, as well as, help you find a particular person or expert in fields of interest.

Research and Explore

Research your options with LinkedIn and explore all that is offered to you through this site. There is a myriad of guides, experts, groups, and connections that are available to you. Knowing your niche and what you want to accomplish will help land new clientele, sales leads, and traffic to your business site and blog.

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