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How to Use the Blackberry Storm


The BlackBerry Storm is RIM’s answer to iPhone fans who still want all of BlackBerry’s features and capabilities in touch screen form. But just like any new generation of technology, the Storm can easily confuse even those loyal BlackBerry addicts who have been around for years. Here are a few tips to get started using the BlackBerry Storm 9530.

Step 1: Know Your Hardware

Left Side: At the top left of the phone is a Lock key. This locks and unlocks your screen. On the left side lies a Convenience key which allows you to open up your voice dialing operation. Below that is the micro-USB port used to tether your phone to a computer or to charge your phone. Buttons on the left front of the phone include the Menu key and the Send key.

Right Side: At the top right of the phone is the Mute key. Located just beneath it on the right side is the headset jack. Below the jack are the Volume keys. Also located on the right side is another Convenience key. Use this to take a picture quickly. Buttons on the right front of the phone are the Escape key and the End/Power key.

Step 2: Know Your Touch Screen

To select an item, press down on the screen. To highlight an item, touch down on the screen and release quickly. To zoom in to a screen, touch down and release, then repeat until you are zoomed in as far as you want. You can also drag the screen up, down, right or left with your finger (usually just in the browser). If you want to select more than one thing, just touch down on the screen with one finger and place another finger at the point where you want the selection to end. To slide from one screen to the next, just slide your finger to the left or right quickly.

Step 3: Typing

Portrait View: To switch between SureType technology and the Multi-tap keyboard, just pull up your menu and select either. SureType will predict words while you type, which multi-tap makes you type the words.

Landscape View Keyboard: The keyboard becomes a regular computer-style keyboard.

Useful Icons: The shift key is the key with an up arrow and a lower- and uppercase “A”. To type a symbol, press the SYM key and click a symbol. To type an accented letter, just hold the letter key and slide your finger to highlight the character. Press the highlighted letter.

Step 4: Explore Applications

Explore your applications, customize them, and if there are any other questions, just go to the Help icon to view the user guide for the Storm.

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