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How to Wash Urethane Hardwood Floors

How to Wash Urethane Hardwood Floors

Many hardwood floors installed today have been surface treated with polyurethane to help them retain their shiny like new appearance. Knowing how to wash urethane hardwood floors properly will not only keep them looking newer longer but will extend their lifespan as well.

Preparing the Area

The job of washing urethane hardwood floors will be much easier and more efficient if the area is prepped ahead of time prior to bringing out mops and cleaning solutions.

First, remove all throw rugs currently covering the hardwood flooring as well as any movable furniture before the cleaning process begins.

Use a dry mop, soft broom, or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or surface dirt prior to proceeding to the washing. Cleaning up this surface dirt ahead of time is important so that the flooring is not scratched during the washing process.

Remove shoes or wear shoe covers so that dirt carried onto the floor will not get inadvertently ground in.

Proper Cleaning Procedure

When it comes to cleaning products for hardwood floors, sudsy solutions have the potential to add a film to your urethane-coated floors, so it is best to use as little as possible.  Think clean hot water rather than a strong cleaner.

  • First, add a capful of detergent with grease-cutting action or a very light oil-based cleaner into a bucket of warm water. Use as little as possible to avoid an unwanted dull film on the urethane surface of the hardwood floor.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the floor in even strokes, starting at the far corners and working inwards.
  • Wash a second time with plain, warm water to remove any unwanted film.
  • Allow to dry.
  • For a highly, glossy finish, buff the floor with soft, white cloths.



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