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How to Wax Hair at Home


Knowing wax hair at home may save lots of money. Waxing is simple to do, if you follow the instructions and take proper precautions. However, here are a few tips to make the hair removal and cleanup easier to do.

How Long Must Hair Be to Wax?

There’s cold or hot waxing, as well as strips or stripless waxing. However, all require basically the same pre-waxing preparation steps:

  • Make sure: hair is between 1/4″ -1/2″ long (about 1-2 weeks’ growth); gently clean area with a cotton ball soaked with a deep-cleansing astringent,; dust with powder if skin is naturally oily
  • Take a pain reliever 30-60 minutes before waxing; use a topical numbing medication

Basic Instructions

These are the basic instructions for various methods:

  1. Hot waxing: Warm wax, and then apply a thin layer of wax to your skin. Next, apply a cloth or muslin strip over the wax. Cold waxing: Apply wax to a cloth or muslin strip and then apply it to your skin. Pre-waxed strips: Prepare strip by rubbing it between the palms of your hands, and peeling apart. Stripless waxing: Apply the wax directly onto your skin.
  2. Apply wax or strips in the direction the hair is growing. Firmly smooth the strip. If using stripless waxing, let wax cool 10-15 seconds.
  3. Hold the skin beneath the area taut and quickly remove the strip or wax, pulling it horizontally and parallel to your skin in the opposite direction you applied it in, keeping the strip or wax as close to your skin as possible. Place your palm over the area and apply gentle pressure if it’s stinging. Use a fresh strip or fresh wax for each section.
  4. Remove any stray hairs with tweezers.


Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for post-waxing care. This usually includes avoiding sunlight for 24-48 hours, and applying special creams or lotions to prevent ingrown hairs.


◊ Test wax temperature on wrist before applying it elsewhere.

◊ Place a drop cloth on the floor and other surfaces before beginning.

◊ Have all your supplies ready and close to hand before starting.

◊ Have a disposal trash bag handy.

◊ Clean off one side of spatula before applying wax to your skin.

◊ Avoid waxing just before and right after a menstruation cycle.



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