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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume


In order to get a good job, it is important to know how to write a cover letter for a resume. A cover letter introduces you, the job candidate, and your resume. A cover letter’s purpose is to get the hiring manager to review your resume. Then, it is the job of the resume to get you an interview, and your job to land the position. Thus, to successfully obtain a good job, the first step is to write a concise, professional, and effective cover letter.


A good cover letter summarizes your experience, explaining specifically why you are qualified for the position that you are seeking. A cover letter should be persuasive, very clearly illustrating that you have the experience required by the company. A cover letter should be a single page, generally consisting of three to four paragraphs, in an organized, professional, and modern format. The cover letter should have a heading with your name, address and contact information, in a format identical to that on top of your resume, following by the greeting, then the actual content. A commonly accepted format, consisting of 3-4 paragraphs, applies to all cover letter structure.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph of a cover letter introduces you, and tells what position you are applying for, and where you learned of this job opening. It is also a good place to specifically say that you are highly qualified for this job. This paragraph is your first opportunity to really sell yourself – tell them that you are the perfect person for this job, and that you are enthusiastic about it.

Middle Paragraph(s)

The second paragraph (sometimes two paragraphs, if you have a great deal of experience), tells a bit about your experience, and how it fits in with the requirements of this particular job. In this area you want to be very specific. Use the job description as a basis for this section, specifically telling what experience you have that meets different requirements in the description.

Final Paragraph

The last paragraph of the cover letter should thank the reader, reasserting that you are the perfect candidate for this job. It should also state your availability for an interview. Again, this is a spot to sell yourself, specifically saying that you are the person for this job.



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