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How to Write a Cover Memo


As an employee or professional, you can make a cover memo for a business report or publication that gives a good overview of the details. It is a vital indicator of your productivity in the workplace. A cover memo gives other people a fast synopsis. It gives them a good idea of what they should be ready for when they get the complete package. Your colleagues will now be able to look over the memo rapidly and take in the topic. With experience, you will know how to write a cover memo that shines through to any reader.


  1. Include the name of the person to whom the memo is meant as well as their job title. You could call the president of a company by an informal but commonly known name, but a more formal title is appropriate for business.
  2. Type your memo in single spacing that is justified to the page’s left side. The next few paragraphs will allow you to discuss the subject of the memo.
  3. Indicate exactly what the memo is about by putting a very specific title in the subject line. A single word in the subject line would be very vague and not specify the kind of information that is in the memo.
  4. Avoid being subjective in the memo because it should list the goals of the company. The more specific your memo plan is, the more straightforward your introduction should be. Including the main goal of the memo will help you lay out the reason why the audience should pay attention to it.
  5. Keep the memo format that you will use as a template for reference and keep a copy.
  6. The last step is to proofread the memo very thoroughly. Erase any obvious spelling and grammatical errors.

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