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How to Write an Effective Job Ad for a New Hire


Time is money, which is why it is important to write an effective job ad for a new hire.  The more accurate the job description, the better the flow of incoming applicants will be. There’s nothing worse than posting a job on or some paid professional service that results in a deluge of wrong-match responses.

Tasks and Responsibilities

It all starts with explaining the direct and indirect duties of a position.(1) Underneath the exact job title, the description should detail what the new hire will be expected to accomplish on a day-to-day basis, both in terms of actual job “chores” as well as leadership and other intangibles. These are known as the Tasks and Responsibilities, and can be listed under those very headers.

It’s important to be as specific as possible. While time-allotment information is not necessary, it is crucial from both a candidate and legal point of view to list everything that the job entails. If something is not in the job description and not subsequently addressed in a peer review or job description modification, it can lead to problems in the workplace.


Even more important that what a job entails is the breakdown of what an ideal candidate needs to have already, previously accomplished. These are, obviously, the Qualifications. In today’s HR and online-hire world, the language tends to get very loose and colorful, especially for Internet company positions, sales jobs, and other fields.

That’s fine, as long as the info remains clear and focused. Along with basic info such as level of education required and number of years’ experience in the field,(2) descriptions must hone in on such talents as level of critical thinking, ability to motivate others, willingness to work under pressure, and so on. The beauty of a job description is that it can be as long as the employer wants it to be.

Framework for Response

Given the general volume of respondents to a Job Description, it’s worth mentioning that only the best qualified candidates will be contacted. A dedicated email response account and auto-reply message sent back to all applicants is also a nice touch, confirming receipt of their submission and reiterating that they may not hear back further.



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