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How to Write an Interoffice Memo


An interoffice memo, or memorandum, is used for communication within the company. A memo conveys a message similar to a business letter but the audience is meant to be company employees only. Since email is so prevalent in today’s workplace, memos are usually reserved for matters needing more official or serious communication. Memos are often attached to an email.

Formatting a Memo

Memos have a standard format; many companies have an official company memo template that employees should use. If your company does not have a n existing template, here is the information that is typically included in the heading:


Company Logo






The body of the memo is written underneath the subject. Memos are typically one page in length. Material needing more than a page to explain is better suited for a meeting or report.

Planning Content

Since this is an official document, planning should be put into the content of a memo. Many memos are saved and may be used for reference at a future date, sometimes even for legal purposes. With this in mind, memos should be factual and informative. When writing your first memo, you may want to have another employee proof-read and fact check the document for you. Error free work is necessary for credibility.

Put your subject in a contextual framework that will make sense at a later date by referencing the larger initiative(s) around the memo. Depending on your topic, it can be appropriate to include an introduction on why the memo is being written. Keep this brief and move onto the main points of your memo. A good memo should cover no more than five points and a conclusion is not necessary.

Printing a Hard Copy

Check if your organization requires you to print a hard copy and initial next to the “from” line. This is done to encourage accountability and protect the organization.




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