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Increasing New Employee Productivity


Many organizations do not understand how to properly motivate their new hire employees. New hire employees are under pressure from the beginning to find a workflow that suits the company’s standards. Understanding your new hire employee and what motivates him or her will aid the transition and increase new hire productivity.

Identify Negative Performance Causes

Each new hire employee is different and the issues that have a negative impact on their productivity are unique. The new hire may have been poorly matched and does not have the necessary skills to be successful. Alternatively, may be a slow starter as the learning curve for new hires is quite high. It is important to address these issues and understand how to identify ways to increase the new hire employee productivity.

Maximize the Productivity of a New Hire

Managers can maximize the productivity of new hire employees by understanding their primary motivation.  Managers must find ways to understand what drives the new hire employee within their new role in the organization. Some may be motivated with performance-based bonuses, opportunities for growth within the company, flexible working conditions, or paid time off. Some new hire employees may feel self-satisfaction knowing that they are contributing to something larger than they are. It is important to understand their motivation or they may become unhappy and unproductive.

Set Goals for Achievement

Your new hire employee may require a bit of a push in the beginning. Jumping into a new work environment can be a scary thing for some new hires. Presenting goals and directly instructing your new hire, will give him or her direction that is needed. Consider the first month or quarter as a mentorship opportunity. By properly nurturing a positive work ethic and achieving set goals, confidence will begin to blossom within the new hire employee. The new hire employee will develop into a stable, reliable employee that you can count on.



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