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Is Aspirin Good for High Blood Pressure?

Is Aspirin Good for High Blood Pressure?


If an aspirin a day keeps the doctor away, does it also stave off high blood pressure?  If taken at night, one study answers with a resounding, yes.

Low Dose Aspirin Effects on Blood Pressure

In the study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, participants with high blood pressure were given a low-dose of aspirin at different intervals throughout the day to measure its effectiveness on lowering blood pressure.  The study concluded that the group given the aspirin in the morning showed little significant change, while those that were given the nightly dose had a significant reduction in blood pressure.  [Hermida, 975]

More studies are needed to corroborate these findings before the medical community will recommend a low-dose nightly aspirin as a treatment for high blood pressure.

Daily Aspirin May Be Harmful

Low-dose aspirin has long been prescribed to patients with high cholesterol as a preventative measure.  The Mayo Clinic strongly advises against starting a daily aspirin therapy on your own.   Aspirin carries with it side effects especially for those with certain health conditions.  Only your doctor can advise you if preventative aspirin therapy is right for you. [“Daily aspirin therapy: Understand the benefits and risks”,]


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