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Is Bacterial Bronchitis Contagious?



Bacterial bronchitis IS contagious.

More Info: Risk factors of catching bacterial bronchitis include the organism that has caused the infection, your overall exposure to the organism, and your body’s ability to fight infection.

Are Antibiotics Effective for Bacterial Bronchitis?

Because, acute bronchitis is caused almost exclusively by viral infections, antibiotics are an ineffective treatment.  Less often, a secondary infection can develop due to bacteria.

Bacterial bronchitis is caused by a variety of bacteria including Haemophilus, Klebsiella, Mycoplasma,and Pneumococcus.  Bacterial bronchitis is contagious but unlike bronchitis caused by a virus that will clear on its own, may respond to antibiotics. The way in which a bacterial infection will respond to antibiotics depends on the organism causing the infection.

You May Still Be Contagious

The fact that you are on antibiotics for bacterial bronchitis does not necessarily mean you are no longer contagious.  A bacterial infection is often a secondary infection following a viral infection.  Viral infections need to resolve on their own and do not respond to antibiotics.  If your bacterial infection is secondary, then the antibiotics may be resolving the secondary condition while the viral infection is still contagious.



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