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Is Fungal Pneumonia Contagious?



Fungal pneumonia IS contagious.

More Info: Not only is fungal pneumonia contagious, by hand and mouth mainly, as are other forms of pneumonia, but it is also a form of the disease that can be contracted separately from exceedingly innocent seeming surroundings. To go along with the more obvious circumstance of a heavy industrial or residential excavation, other environments where fungal pneumonia can be contracted include backyard swimming pools, old sheds or barns, and dust storms.

Variety of Fungi

A recent study of fungal pneumonia patients identified a number of the major fungi that can cause the disease. At the top of the list was candida, affecting more than half (54.9%) of the chronicled patients. The rest, in order of importance, were: aspergillus (36.9%); penicillium (3.6%); mucormycetes (3%); and reotrichum (1.5%).

Perhaps the most chilling modern age era citing of fungal pneumonia came on June 5th, 1981. On that date, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an article about five gay men in Los Angeles who had been stricken with a rare type of fungal pneumonia. Two of this group had gone on to die. From there, more reports of fungal pneumonia deaths in New York and San Francisco followed, adding up to the beginnings of the devastating AIDS-HIV crisis.

Drug Treatments

Two examples of antibiotics used to treat fungal pneumonia are Dflucan and Vfend. In many cases, drugs used to combat fungal pneumonia are also taken by patients fighting other more common types of fungal infection, such as vaginal yeast conditions.

Vfend targets fungal cell wall growth and is designed, on the more serious pneumonia side, to be taken by patients who have no tolerance for other types of treatment. As with all powerful antibiotics, there are side effects, some serious. But in today’s multi-billion pharmaceutical world, only the forms of fungal pneumonia associated with HIV and AIDS have proven to be of the kind not easily harnessed by modern medication.



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