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Is Garlic Good for High Blood Pressure?

Is Garlic Good for High Blood Pressure?


Garlic IS good for high blood pressure.

More Info: According to the National Institute of Health, garlic has been demonstrated in studies to reduce high blood pressure by up to 8%. [“Garlic: MedlinePlus Supplements”,]

Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes to treat a variety of circulatory disorders such as high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, and coronary heart disease.  Though much of the available information is anecdotal, there have been respected scientific studies on garlic supporting its effectiveness for a variety of these conditions.

Systematic Review

In a systematic review published in the journal BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, researchers poured over the meta data collected from the research performed on garlic in relation to high blood pressure between 1955 and 2007.  Taking into consideration all of the contradicting evidence the researchers concluded that overall garlic preparations are superior to placebo in effectively lowering blood pressure. [Ried, 13]

Wild Garlic

In a study published in the journal Heart Disease, two separate studies were performed to assess whether wild garlic had any effect on high blood pressure in rats and whether it was superior to alternate forms of garlic.  In all cases, garlic demonstrated the ability to lower blood pressure significantly in the hypertensive rats.  The wild garlic was noted as the most effective of all the garlic preparations. [Mohamadi, 3]



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