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Is Gout Contagious?



Gout is not contagious

More Info:  A contagious disease is communicable by transfer from person to person by direct contact or through bodily fluids.  It is most often caused by living germs moving from one host to another such as the common cold virus. [1] Gout is a build-up of the body’s own uric acid, which the body produces as a by-product of breaking down purines present in body tissue and foods consumed.

Who Is Most Susceptible to Gout?

Those who are most susceptible to gout are men between the ages of 40 and 50 years. Gout occurs less often in women, who usually develop the condition after menopause. If there is a family history of gout, the probably of having the disease increases due to the genetic link. People with the following conditions are at a higher risk for developing gout: diabetes; high blood pressure; hypothyroidism; leukemia; lymphoma; blood disorders; cardiovascular disease; hyperuricernia; high cholesterol and kidney disorders. Other factors that increase the risk are consumption of alcohol and obesity. Gout rarely appears in younger adults or children.

Can You Prevent Gout?

While there are many medications available to control or reduce the painful attacks, there are actions you can take to help prevent gout.  You can begin by controlling your weight, as many people who have the attacks usually are excessive in weight. Avoid high purine foods for these foods produce uric acid that raises the level of acid that is already in the body, causing gout. Drink plenty of water to help the renal system flush the uric acid out of your body. In addition, eat plenty of vegetables and find some type of exercise that best fits you.



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