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Is Green Tea Good for High Blood Pressure?

Is Green Tea Good for High Blood Pressure?


Green tea IS good for high blood pressure.

A 2004 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that drinking green tea can help lower the risk of developing high blood pressure.  The study found that those who drank at least one-half cup of green tea daily had an almost 50% lower risk of developing high blood pressure than those who did not. And those who drank more lowered their risk up to 65%. [Yang, 1534]

Additional Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Scientifically speaking there are even more benefits to taking a green tea break daily.  Several studies link green tea consumption to a reduced risk of several types of cancer including breast, skin, lung, colon, bladder, and esophageal.  Green tea appears to reduce the risk of heart disease by blocking the oxidation of LDL while increasing HDL. [“Benefit of Drinking Green Tea”]



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