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Is It Possible to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally?


Stretch marks, the unsightly, wavy rows of lines that mar the beauty of perfect skin can be treated naturally and even prevented. Caused by the rapid stretching of skin, they are most common on the belly, breasts, thighs, and buttocks during pregnancy. They can also be caused by rapid weight gain causing the skin to stretch. The skin is stretched so quickly that it actually tears causing a pattern of surface scarring. When stretch marks first develop, they are reddish in color; this fades over time leaving a series of white wavy marks on the skin.

Natural Treatments for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen because the skin lacks enough collagen and elastin to remain supple while it is stretched. Can stimulating the production of collagen help reduce stretch marks and promote healing? Yes, it can. There are many products including creams, lotions, and even expensive laser surgery that remove unsightly stretch marks. The natural way is to avoid chemicals agents and surgery while using methods that will effectively promote repair and healing. A natural cream can be produced at home from high quality moisturizing agents such as coco butter, shea butter, almond oil, and vitamin E. A daily routine of rubbing in the oils and letting them assist the skin in healing will help fade and remove the stretch marks. Expect at least a month of daily treatments before they fade away. Several products are made that assist this process. Abrasive agents similar to facial scrubs can help remove the layer of dead skin before applying moisturizers. Some prefer using the oils or lotions before showering, but maximum benefits are realized by leaving them on the skin overnight. The body naturally heals and repairs during restful, sound sleep, so the optimal time for moisturizing is before going to bed.

Naturally Preventing Stretch Marks

The best remedy is prevention. In order to stop the skin from tearing as it stretches during pregnancy or muscle building, keep it abundantly moisturized using massage to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. Lotions, oils, and creams can be purchased or made at home. During pregnancy, avoid all chemical ingredients that can be easily absorbed through the skin. Choose only all natural products. A once or twice daily routine of gentle circular massage with nourishing oils can completely prevent the formation of stretch marks.

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