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Is Pluto Bigger than Earth?



Pluto is NOT bigger than Earth.

Pluto is smaller than Earth at just 1400 miles wide, which translates to 2300km or half the width of the United States. Compared to Earth as an entire planet, it’s only about 18% of Earth’s diameter. When you look at surface area alone, the difference is even greater.  Pluto has just 6,430,000 square miles to explore, which is 0.033% compared to Earth.

These statistics are part of why Pluto is now considered a “dwarf planet” compared to the other eight officially recognized in our solar system. It’s smaller than every other planet, smaller than our moon and even smaller than many countries.

Pluto by Numbers

You already know Pluto’s diameter in comparison to Earth, but what about its volume and mass? The numbers are so small they may shock you. Pluto has just 0.0059% of the Earth’s volume, clocking in at 6.39 x 109 km3 compared to 1.083 x 1012 km3. In layman’s terms, you could put Pluto into the Earth 170 times and still have wiggle room left over.

The statistics are even more miniscule when you look at mass, pitting Pluto’s 1.3 x 1022 kg against Earth’s 5.9736 x 1024 kg and coming up with a 0.0022% difference.



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