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Is Presidents Day A Federal Holiday?



Yes, President’s Day is a federal holiday.

More Info: President’s Day, celebrated on the third Monday of February each year, is a federal holiday. The legal designated name of the holiday is Washington’s Birthday.

Washington’s Birthday, February 22, was first declared a holiday in 1879.  The date was set aside to honor and remember George Washington’s birthday-the first president of the United States and the man considered the father of the country.

In 1885, the holiday became a federal holiday along with New Year’s Day, Christmas, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving.

In 1968, the holiday bill was introduced proposing that all holidays should fall on a Monday with the exception of Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July.  The logic behind the bill was to attempt to give workers longer holiday time by providing a federal holiday following a weekend, and the belief that workers would be more productive when the workweek is not interrupted by a day off.

In 1971, Washington’s Birthday was officially moved to the third Monday in February.

Interesting Fact

Though there was a push in congress to officially include Lincoln’s February 12 birthday in the federal holiday for Washington’s birthday, the amendment was rejected.  It was the influence of advertisers that promoted the idea of a weeklong celebration that included both presidents and the name President’s Day took hold.  The actual law in section 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code declaring federal holidays designates the official title of the holiday to be Washington’s Birthday.



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