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Is Quickbooks PCI Compliant?



Quickbooks helps toward becoming PCI compliant.

More Info: Though Quickbooks will help you on your way toward becoming PCI compliant, you will need to perform additional tasks beyond the scope of the software to achieve full compliance.

According to Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks you can easily become PCI compliant using Quickbooks.  Here is a quick rundown of compliance steps and how Quickbooks addresses the issues.

Firewall and Antivirus Software

PCI Compliance: In order to protect cardholder data, PCI compliance requires that you install and maintain a firewall configuration and antivirus software that is updated regularly.

Quickbooks: Compatible with security devices and firewalls.

Password Defaults

PCI Compliance: Security measures such as passwords must be changed from vendor defaults.

Quickbooks: Allows users to institute complex passwords.

Cardholder Data Protection

PCI Compliance: Requires that all credit card data be protected with encryption keys.

Quickbooks: Encrypts credit card numbers and requires that the password be changed every 90 days.

Cardholder Data Transmission Encryption

PCI Compliance: Requires that any transmission of credit card data over an open internet connection be encrypted.

Quickbooks: Encrypts data submission of credit cards over the internet.

Secure Systems Applications

PCI Compliance: Requires that business owners develop and maintain secure systems and applications.

Quickbooks: Tested for security issues during development stages and automatically updates security issues.

Cardholder Data Restriction

PCI Compliance: Requires that credit card information be available to employees and others strictly on a need to know basis.

Quickbooks: Can be configured to allow access to users on a need to know basis and can restrict access to others.  User accounts can easily be deleted when an employee leaves the company or at the owner’s discretion.

Unique ID

PCI Compliance: Requires that anyone with access to a computer with credit card information have a unique ID.

Quickbooks: All users in a company have individual passwords. Those employees with access to credit card information are required to change their passwords every ninety days.

Tracking Access to Cardholder Data

PCI Compliance: Requires that those in possession of credit card data have the ability to monitor and maintain access records to the data.

Quickbooks: Maintains an audit log that can be viewed at will and saved for record keeping.



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