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Is Rayon Stretchy?



Most rayon fabrics are stretchy especially when wet.

More Info: Regular rayon is stretchy but can be produced to be less so during the drawing process of production.  High-tenacity rayon fabrics are twice as strong as regular rayon and have two-thirds of the stretch.  Medium tenacity rayon is also produced and though still stretchy, it is less that of regular rayon.

What Are the Characteristics of Rayon Fabric?

The characteristics of rayon fabric include a bright, lustrous sheen and silky texture. This semi-synthetic fabric, also known as viscose rayon in the textile industry, is produced when cellulose, or plant-based fiber, is treated with alkali and carbon disulfide. A recent spike in the price of cotton has spurred apparel companies to incorporate rayon into their products, such as dresses, blouses, lingerie, jacket linings, and neckties. Additionally, rayon fabric is used in a wide variety of items, such as duvets, blankets, window treatments, upholstery, tire cords, feminine hygiene products, diapers and towels.



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