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Is Ringworm Contagious During Treatment?



Ringworm IS contagious during treatment.

More Info: Ringworm is a contagious rash that is actually a fungus located on the skin.  Since it spreads very easily, it is recommended that you or the affected individual begin treatment as soon as possible.  It may take weeks to get rid of the infection, and you should have no human or animal contact while the rash is visible as it can easily spread to pets and other people.

How Contagious is Ringworm?

While the rash is present, ringworm is contagious and needs to be treated with an antifungal solution or cream.  A doctor’s visit may also be needed.  The round-shaped rash can itch, burn, and be quite uncomfortable.  It may also be crusty and blistery with scales that will flake off from time to time.  These scales and blistery liquid can also spread the infection.   Scratching the infected area can cause the fungus to spread.

How to Prevent Ringworm from Spreading

If you are the affected person, limit yourself to one bathroom in the home where you can shower and wash your hands.  Ringworm can spread easily in the shower or swimming pools so it is advised that you isolate your personal hygiene to one area.  Ask other members of the family and guests to use other bathrooms in the house.  This will keep them from being infected.  Clean your bathroom area daily to kill the fungus and keep it from spreading.

Do not share clothing, shoes, combs, brushes, towels, or other personal items with anyone else.  Sharing these items can infect others.



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