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Is Salt Water Good for Acne?


Like many food-related acne topics, the amount of proper research done to substantiate a positive link between salt water and acne is virtually non-existent.(1) However, that doesn’t mean there is a complete absence of worthwhile anecdotal and testimonial data. And at the very least, lifelong acne sufferers suggest that a day at the beach and several ocean swims, if possible, will never hurt.

Soothing Sea

For example, one 34-year-old Canadian woman discovered on her own the benefits of swimming in the sea. She found without fail that each year, when she left Kitchener, Ontario to vacation in sunny destinations like Cuba or Mexico, that her huge acne pimples would clear up within three days. However, as soon as she returned to her native land, the condition reappeared within two to three weeks.

Washing out the face and other affected areas with salt water or a salt water derivative will never be as powerful as Mother Nature. In addition, as with so many acne food and home remedies, results vary wildly from one sufferer to another. Still, a young Irish American 16-year-old attested in the same discussion to the fact that her acne completely went away when she started swimming four to five times a day in the ocean, for periods of no more than 10 minutes.

Lesser Side Effects

The wonders of salt water rank as one of the most positively documented alternative acne cures.(3) The sufferers who have found success with salt water ocean bathing are predominantly women, with many citing the lack of side effects as compared to prescription drugs as one of the biggest cure benefits.

The acne does not have to be severe, either. One patient who struggled for five years with moderate acne  was able to make it completely go away by means of two salt water treatments per day. And those of course lucky enough to have a salt water pool, or a friend with such a backyard oasis, may never need to visit the beach to enjoy life’s simplest acne cure.



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