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A letter of intent is a business letter that defines the intention of a person or business to complete an action. It is not usually considered legally binding, but simply describes the details of what the parties involved expect to happen. It is somewhat similar to a cover letter, but more focused. It may be used to announce the intention of closing a business deal, accepting an assignment, applying to a Master's program, or purchasing real estate.

As in any business letter, start with your name and address, then the name and address of the person the letter is going to. Always use formal language, accurate spelling, a simple 10 or 12 point font such as Times New Roman or Arial, and a logical structure. Start with a personal salutation. Do not use Dear Sir or Madam. Find out the name of the person who will be dealing with the letter and address it directly to him or her. The structure should include an introductory paragraph, the main body of details, and a closing conclusion. Below the signature, include a phone number and email address.

Example Letter of Intent

Janet Doering
12234 Eastway Road
Doeringville, MO 99999

The title and name of the person
The name of the company or school
Their address

Reference: A proposed schedule for the website we discussed in our October 29th meeting.

Dear Ms. Doering

After considering all the details of your requirements for your website upgrade discussed in our meeting last Thursday, I have laid out a plan for making the changes in a step-by-step method that will allow a gradual switch to the new site without disrupting your business.

This plan would make the changes on a page by page basis and synchronize with the installation of the new data base. I would like to meet with you next Thursday to review my plan and get your approval of the schedule. With this plan, your revised site will be completely online by December 15th.

I look forward to working with you on this great new design that is sure to improve the efficiency of your business.


Janet Webmaster

Points of Special Interest


  • Do: Be as specific as possible about the terms of the proposed agreement or intentions of plans.
  • Do not: Use any text color other than black.
  • Do: Include contact information such as a telephone number and email address below your signature.
  • Do not: Use a generic greeting such as "dear sir or madame". Always use the name of the person with whom you are/will be dealing.
  • DO: Use a typical font such as Times Roman Numeral or Arial.

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