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Making a Backyard Waterfall in 5 Easy Steps


Follow these five simple steps to make a waterfall to beautify the backyard. No waterfall kit needs to be purchased, only a small submersible pump. In addition, you will need a large rigid plastic storage box, a length of flexible plastic tubing, a large flowerpot, a large 5-gallon bucket, plastic sheeting such as a plastic garbage bag or a shower curtain, and a lot of rocks, sand, and gravel.

Step One

Dig the hole. Place the storage box upside down on the ground where the hole should be. The hole should be near the power source, no farther than the length of the power cord of the pump so it is close enough to be plugged in. It should also be near a water source such as an outdoor faucet. The back edge of the hole should be far enough from the fence so that the waterfall will fit behind it. Mark the outline of the box and remove it. Dig the hole the size and shape of the box so that it will fit inside the hole up to its edge. The top edge of the bin should be level with the surrounding ground.

Step Two

Assemble the reservoir. Put the plastic storage box right side up in the hole. Fill the hole outside of the box with sand to level it and hold the box in place inside the hole. Make two holes in the bucket big enough for the tubing and the power cord to be threaded through, respectively. Place the pump at the bottom of the reservoir, and attach the tube to the outflow of the pump. Place the bucket with the power cord and tubing threaded through the holes upside down over the pump. Pull the cord and the tubing through the holes and over the edge of the reservoir to the ground around it. Fill the inside of the box with gravel and top with small decorative stones.

Step Three

Assemble the waterfall head. Thread the loose end of the tubing through the drainage hole in the flowerpot so that the end protrudes out of the bottom of the pot. Turn the flowerpot upside down where the head of the waterfall should be. The height of the waterfall will be the depth of the flowerpot. The waterfall will begin where the tubing protrudes out of the top of this simple housing. Dig a small trench under the edge of the pot where the tubing passes under it so that the tubing is not crushed under the edge of the pot. Build a wall of rocks around the head assembly and over it to hide it and hold it in place, and place a rock for the capstone to cover over and allow water to flow from the end of the tubing.

Step Four

Assemble the waterfall. Cover the area between the front of the waterfall head and the back of the reservoir with the plastic sheeting to line the waterfall. Place a large, flat rock to form the base of the waterfall. Build your waterfall with the remaining rocks in such a way that the water splashes down successively onto a step-like series of one or two large flat rocks and then into the rock pit and a low wall on the sides so that the water flows between them and not out of the waterfall system. The plastic liner material should be trimmed outside of these walls and secured with a border of rocks.

Step Five

Fill the waterfall. Use a garden hose to fill the reservoir with water. Plug in and turn on the pump. Add more water until water is flowing out of the head of the waterfall and down it into the rock pit. Now you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the splashing water. Turn the pump off when not in use.



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