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Management Performance Review Phrases



Competent leader, Motivates employees, Challenges and rewards performance, Effectively communicates to staff business philosophy, Operational plans are consistent with company vision, Effective decision maker .


Effective communicator, Creates an atmosphere of open communication, Establishes clear goals, Clearly outlines employees’ job descriptions, Clearly outlines expected results, Provides necessary feedback for optimal staff performance.

Staff Management Skills

Maintains harmony in the workplace, Encourages teamwork, Necessary corrective action implemented in a fair and unbiased manner, Consistent in applying personnel decisions, Evokes trust in staff, Assists in resolving conflicts, Involves others in establishing personal goals/company objectives, Effectively sets performance standards.

Management Techniques

Effectively delegates responsibilities, Provides training support where necessary, Encourages individual performance, Involves the staff with coming up with new ideas for increasing productivity, Assumes responsibility for staff, Organization objectives over personal ambition, Management efforts lead to effective employee performance, Works well under pressure, Involves staff in decision making, Effectively allocates resources, Delegates authority/responsibility, Treats staff fairy and objectively.


Effectively staffs the company, Makes good personnel decisions, Hires based on current and future needs, Uses workforce efficiently.


Leads in developing new techniques or procedures, Open to/Considers new ideas from staff, Effectively leads initiatives.


Replace Individual Words to Meet Your Situation


Effective, Strong, High Quality, Solid, Resilient, Persuasive, Compelling, Passionate, Dedicated, Excellent, Superior, First-Rate, Proficient, Expert, Skillful, Outstanding, Superb, Tremendous, Reliable, Trustworthy, Frequently, Often


Sound, Satisfactory, Capable, Competent, Helpful, Beneficial, Useful, Fair, Moderate, Mediocre, Acceptable, Reasonable, Periodically


Lacking, Resists, Ineffective, Weak, Deficient, Wanting, Poor, Inadequate, Inferior, Unsatisfactory, Unacceptable, Substandard, Disappointing, Insufficient, Needs Improvement, Seldom



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