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Methods of Conceiving a Boy

Methods of Conceiving a Boy


If you are looking for methods of conceiving a boy, both science and folk wisdom offer some suggestions for increasing the odds. It’s also worth remembering that nature shows a slight bias toward males. Fifty-one boys are born for every 49 girls.

The Science

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is used to test embryos for gender and genetic conditions before implantation into the mother via in vitro fertilization. Because gender is determined by the father’s genetic contribution, several sperm sorting techniques used in combination with either artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization can also be used to increase the odds of conceiving a boy. While both techniques can be used to help determine fetal gender, in reality they are used far more often as ways to avoid undesirable genetic traits.

Contradictory studies have also questioned whether having sex during or after ovulation, rather than before it, is more likely to result in a male fetus. Research done in 2008 also suggested maternal daily intake of breakfast cereal around the time of conception increased the odds of a male fetus, but the scientific community questions the research methods involved in the study.

Folk Wisdom

Folklore may be able to offer guidance where science is silent. Operating on the theory that the baby is what the mom eats, some people believe a male fetus is more likely if the mother consumes a lot of meats and salty snacks while she’s trying to conceive. She should avoid fish, sweets, and chocolate specifically, unless she wants a girl.

Many cultures believe that the type of sex that results in conception also influences the gender of the fetus. If the male orgasms before the female, intercourse is more likely to result in a boy baby. Having intercourse while standing up, and then immediately lying down to give the male-coded sperm (which are rumored to be faster) a chance to beat the female-coded sperm to the egg is also recommended. Many people also believe that having sex at night, especially if there’s a quarter moon, and when the man’s testicles are slightly below normal temperature also increases the odds of having a boy


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