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Most Common Birthmark Types at Birth

Most Common Birthmark Types at Birth


While most birthmarks are pink or reddish in color, pigmentation type birthmarks are either brown, black, slate blue or gray. Birthmarks under this category are the coffee-cream or café au lait spots, Mongolian spots and moles.

Approximately 20% of newborns have café au lait spots, which subsequently shrink or disappear as the child grows older. Café au lait spots are light brown in color, while Mongolian spots are bluish. The latter are generally found on the buttocks and lower back.

Moles or nevi, are small clusters of pigmented skin cells, which are observed in almost all newborns.

Vascular Malformations

Vascular malformations also appear during birth but they can also develop at practically any age in the course of adulthood. This type of birthmark does not go away over time and may even grow.



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