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Natural Ways I Can Increase Fertility

Natural Ways I Can Increase Fertility


There are ways to improve your fertility levels without having to undergo expensive procedures or taking medicines. Here are two natural ways to get you started on increasing your fertility.

Engage in Intercourse When As Close As Possible to Ovulation

Perhaps the most natural way to increase your fertility or your chances of conception, is to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner during the time frame that is as close as possible to expected ovulation.  According to the Natural Family Planning method of the American Pregnancy Association, it is important to have fertility awareness, in order to determine exactly which days of the month you have the highest probability of conceiving.

According to the Natural Family Planning method, charting your menstrual cycle or fertility pattern, wherein the first day is the day in which you get your menstruation, is the first step to achieving fertility awareness.   By the seventh day of this cycle up to the tenth day, your eggs are being prepared to be fertilized by sperm, thus making this the most fertile period of your cycle. Knowing when the seventh to tenth day of your cycle is crucial in determining when to engage in sexual intercourse as this is your most fertile period.

Control or Lower Your Body Weight

According to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine, being obese may reduce a woman’s fertility.  A weight loss of five to ten percent already dramatically increases your chances of getting pregnant as your ovulation improves significantly.

It is also important to note that it is not only important that you try to keep your weight at a healthy level when you are trying to get pregnant, but to maintain a healthy weight even when you achieve pregnancy, because an excessive weight gain can jeopardize your chances of having a healthy pregnancy as well.



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