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Organize Books in Kindle


A Kindle is a bibliophile’s best friend, especially when always on the go. Unfortunately, just like any library, the Kindle needs to be organized and cleaned up regularly in order to eradicate the potential for literary chaos. If you can’t find Rushdie because he’s in with Nirvana’s biography, which is with your senior grad thesis, then you can follow these instructions and put your books and loose files in the areas they belong:

Step 1: Know Your Options

Move up to your Sort settings and you’ll notice your default setting is “By Most Recent First”. Click on the Sort options and choose how you want to sort your content. You can choose Most Recent First, which will sort all of your content by date added; Title, which will sort your titles alphabetically; Author, which will sort your books by author’s last name or the publisher; or Collections, which organizes content based on various categories you have created on your Kindle.

Step 2: How to Create Collections

Creating collections is the way to organize your Kindle, especially if you store copious amounts of data on it. To create a collection, just do the following:

  1. On your Main Display, select Create New Collection.
  2. Name your collection, then save it and continue.

Step 3: Add Items to Your Collection

  1. Highlight the collection on your Main Display and move your controller to the right for Options.
  2. Select the Add/Remove option then highlight the title you want to add. Your selection should have a checkmark beside it.

Additional Note

If you ever want to remove an item from a collection, don’t worry – it doesn’t delete the book from your Kindle. Collections on the Kindle are a lot like playlists on iTunes; you can delete the playlist, but the songs are still around. Your collections are also stored on Amazon in your Archived Items section, so if you ever get another Kindle then you can transfer your books to the new one, and all of your collections will stick around just as they were on your old one.

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