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How to Paint Faux Wood

If you want to paint a faux wood finish on to your furniture, just follow these simple instructions and you will be well on your way to creating a natural-looking wood finish [Read More...]

How to Crackle Paint

Giving your furniture and walls a textured and interesting look can be done instantly by employing the crackle painting method. Below is an easy guide for creating the [Read More...]

How Much Paint Do I Need?

How much paint is needed to paint a room depends on two quantities. First, the surface area in square feet to be covered needs to be calculated. Secondly, the surface area [Read More...]

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper is not advised by professionals and should be done only as a last resort. If possible, it is preferable to remove the old wallpaper before painting. [Read More...]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Along with painting the kitchen cabinets, the knobs and other hardware can also be replaced for a new look. Also, instead of repainting the entire cabinets, the cabinets can [Read More...]

Painting Over Paneling

When painting over paneling, consider the characteristics of the paneling which is to be painted over, and choose painting products that work well with wall surfaces with [Read More...]

How to Paint Glass

Glass painting is an art that once was done mostly on tableware and such art items as suncatchers and decorative lamps. However, now glass painting also refers to backpainted [Read More...]

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