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Performance Based Interviewing


Performance based interviewing is a modified version of Behavioral Interviewing; however, the interviewer digs deeper into the layers of a job candidate’s work experience. The interviewer focuses on asking the job candidate questions that directly relate to the job at hand. The interview is directed at finding out actual accomplishments made in previous employment.

Pulling the Accomplishment Apart

Most employers encourage their interviewers to rip each accomplishment apart. They want to make sure that the facts are uncovered. For instance, a job candidate may say that their performance was excellent. The employer will want actual quantifiable evidence of stellar performance. Did the person save the company money? How much money was saved by the action of the job candidate? The job candidate needs to come prepared to answer these deep questions.

Gathering the Right Information

Preparation is important when going to any interview; however, the performance-based interview takes preparation to a new level. The successful job candidate will be the person that can provide evidence of their prior accomplishments. The employer will want to know actual numbers and percentages. They will also want to know the systematic process that was used to accomplish the results. Details are an important part of the preparation for this type of interview. It is best to thoroughly evaluate the job description, and this evaluation will help the job candidate focus on those accomplishments that would correlate to the new job.

Bring a Career Portfolio

Many job seekers come prepared with a career portfolio. This can definitely gain the job candidate bonus points when seeking a job. The career portfolio is a record of career successes. This provides written evidence of any accomplishments that have been made in the person’s career. It is just a snap shot though. It provides written proof of past success. Most people include favorable performance evaluations, awards, published documents, and other important accomplishments. This portfolio is a chance for the person to truly showcase his or her best performances in the past. The job market is extremely competitive these days, and anything that can draw positive attention is a definite plus for the job seeker.



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