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What Is Walking Pneumonia?

The strange-sounding term walking pneumonia is an informal designation used when the disease is not serious enough to require either hospitalization or bed rest.(1) It is [Read More...]

Does Pneumonia Cause Asthma?

ANSWER: Pneumonia can cause asthma. More Info: Generally, people recover fully from pneumonia with no lasting side effects, but a study published in the journal Infection and [Read More...]

Types of Pneumonia

While, strictly speaking, pneumonia is just an inflammation of the lung, typically caused by an infection, there are many different types of pneumonia. Symptoms can vary, [Read More...]

Is Pneumonia Contagious?

In an era when each new year seems to bring with it a new health scare, whether it be hantavirus, bird flu, or swine flu, it’s natural to wonder, “Is pneumonia [Read More...]

Can Pneumonia Be Fatal?

ANSWER:  Pneumonia CAN be fatal. More Info: Pneumonia is responsible for more than one million hospitalizations each year, 5% of which will result in death.  Young children [Read More...]
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