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Promotion Interview Tips for the Employer


When looking to promote someone from the inside of your company to a higher position, the process is not much different than the initial interview process. Although the process may be a bit more informal than an original interview there are a few different things to keep in mind. Here are a few promotion interview tips for those of you not quite sure which strategy to use.

If someone has been selected to be interviewed for a promotion they have obviously done a good job working for your company. The process will be a lot less formal just because you are most likely already familiar with the employee and may have even worked closely with them in the past.

What Does the Candidate Bring to the Position

When interviewing for a promotion, find out what they can bring to the company in this higher position. Give them situational questions asking them what they would do to get the project done on time or how they would facilitate the work to any employees that may be working underneath of them. How do they work with other people? Do other people like them and get along with them in the office? You will want the promotion candidate to be friendly and have a positive attitude; someone that others are comfortable with and not afraid to ask for help from.

You can ask thought provoking questions, such as why they think they are a better candidate than someone else? Do they have a vision for the future with the company such as coming up with cost effective ideas for the company and ideas to help the company grow?

Avoid Office Politics

Don’t let office politics come into play when deciding who should be promoted. Don’t turn someone down just because a friend of yours doesn’t like him, and don’t give someone a promotion because they crack good jokes. Give a promotion to someone who is deserving of it. Give it to someone who shows integrity, people skills and a drive to do what it takes to help the company.


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