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Receding Gums Natural Treatment

Receding Gums Natural Treatment


One of the symptoms of periodontal or gum disease is the presence of receding gums. You can help prevent the advancement of your receding gums by taking steps to remedy or control the problem right in your own home with natural remedies that can be found in the bathroom sink or kitchen cabinet, without having to undergo any dental procedure or surgery.

Starting at the Root of the Problem

Gum diseases are result the proliferation of viruses, fungi and parasites inside your mouth, in short, bacterial infections. One of the quickest ways to remove the bacteria inside your mouth is to gargle with mouthwashes that are specifically formulated to target the infections in your mouth. If done regularly, mild bacterial infections can be kept at bay because these mouthwashes kill all the bacteria present in your mouth.

Because bacteria flourishes in certain types of food and drink, having a regular routine of flossing, brushing and gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash can control your periodontal disease or lessen the presence of receding gums. It is not enough to brush in the morning and before you go to sleep. If you already notice that your gums are receding slightly, take that extra step of flossing, brushing, and gargling after each and every meal you take in. It is also a good idea to purchase an inter-dental cleaner, which is specifically designed to get in between the narrow spaces of your teeth, where bacteria thrives and flourishes.

Natural Kitchen Remedies

Other natural home remedies for receding gums can be found right in your kitchen cabinet or in your fridge. According to scientists at Chicago’s University of Illinois, oleanolic acid, which is found in raisins, kills gum disease causing bacteria. Other ingredients found in raisins that control the growth of bacteria are oleanolic aldehyde and 5-2-furfural.

Another food item that naturally remedies receding gums is the cranberry, which contains ingredients that stop bacteria like streptococcus mutans from attaching to your teeth. The World Dental organization also recommends taking cranberries in juice form to benefit from its bacteria inhibiting powers.


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