Red Hair Highlight Ideas

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Red hair has grown in popularity in the last decade.  Many like the look but aren't comfortable with a full head of red hair.  If you are looking for something a little more subtle, here are a few tips to add red highlights that can enhance anyone's look.

Which Red Is Right for You?

If you have an olive skin tone and darker hair, vibrant reds in cool tones like purple and plum will probably compliment you best. If your skin tone is lighter, go for warmer reds tinted with orange or honey. Natural blondes should stick to strawberry blonde and copper toned red highlights while women with medium brown hair can try bold true reds. Brunettes have to go with dramatic reds if they want the highlights to show up at all.

Highlights and Face Shape

If you have a square face and dark hair, adding red highlights that are lighter than your natural hair shade all around your face will soften it. If you have an enviable oval-shaped face, red highlights around your face will accent this feature as long as they are in a color bolder than your natural color. If your face is heart shaped, you can widen it by adding red highlights that are lighter than your natural shade around your ears, and red lowlights that are darker than your normal shade across your crown.

A Word of Warning

It's notoriously difficult to predict how red hair dye will interact with your natural hair color, especially if you're blonde. Take the time to do a strand test, even if you're having your highlights professionally done. To do a strand test, pull or cut several hairs from the nape of your neck and dye them following the exact procedure you'll use to dye the rest of your hair. If you like the results, proceed.

Red Hair Maintenance

Unfortunately, red hair dyes fade away fast and wash out notoriously easily. To prolong the time between salon visits, wash your hair as infrequently as possible and use only color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Darker reds with brown and auburn tones also tend to last longer than lighter coppery reds.


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