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Removing Gum from the Clothes Dryer


Removing gum from the clothes dryer can be a sticky mess. Before the situation ruins your clothing, take these steps to remove it quickly and efficiently.

Take Precautions

Because many household cleaners are flammable, always try the least aggressive cleaning methods and work your way from there.  When working with an electric appliance be sure to unplug it before applying any liquids.

Remove the Bulk of the Gum

A simple way to get chunks of gum off any surface is to freeze it until it is brittle enough to break free easily.  Fill a freezer bag with ice and place it over the gum.  Once it is frozen, scrape or chip away at it until it breaks free.

Simple Warm Water

Once the bulk of the gum has been removed, dip a clean cloth in sudsy water and wring it out well.  Scrub the spot until it disappears.  If you need to get more aggressive.

Melt the Remains

If it didn’t come clean on the first try, throw a few rags in the dryer and run it for a few minutes to soften what little gum remains.  This can usually be removed with gritty cleaner that you can easily make with a little bit of laundry powder and water.  Rub until the gum comes off.

Finishing Off

To ensure that you have removed all of the gum run a load of dry old towels through the dryer.



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