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Repairing Hardwood Floor Pet Damage

Repairing Hardwood Floor Pet Damage

If you have hardwood floors in your home with a pet, chances are high that you are going to have to deal with scratches and pet stains at some point.  Though hardwood floors are easy to keep clean, especially if they have a good polyurethane finish to protect them, they are easily damaged especially by pets.


Ordinary spills can simply be wiped up as they happen. To minimize tracking dirt, have floor mats at all the entrances, and remove your shoes when you come indoors. A simple broom, vacuum cleaner, and dust mop with a natural solution sprayed on are all you need for cleaning. Use a commercial cleaner designed for hardwood floor use.  Never use wax, wet mops, or oil soap on hardwood floors, but find a neutral pH cleaner and learn damp-mopping techniques. To prevent nicks and marring, put felt pads on the feet or bottoms of all furniture. Simply placing a humidifier in the room in dry weather can cut down on shrinkage and disfigurement.

Pet Stains

Pet urine accidents should be wiped up immediately.  If the urine is allowed to dry and seep into the wood, any attempts to remove the stain will likely involve refinishing that section of hardwood.  If you are already faced with light refinishing, you can attempt to remove the odor with straight white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.  Several applications may be necessary to work effectively. All the wood to fully dry between applications.

Minor Scratches

To get rid of minor scratches, get fine steel wool, or fine sandpaper for a deep scratch, mineral spirits, some polyurethane sealer or whatever was used to finish your floor, and color matched wood filler. Gently rub the steel wool over the scratch, going with the grain of the wood. Put some mineral spirits on a soft pad and carefully wipe the area, and then fill the scratch with wood filler. Let it dry thoroughly, and then use fine sandpaper to smooth out the filler. Use a brush to apply the sealer over the repair. More severe scratches may require professional attention.



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