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Restrictions Following a Chemical Peel


Following the restrictions after a chemical peel to the letter is an important part of the recovery process as well as the results. The chemical peel has caused a wound that must heal properly to avoid any complications such as scarring. The duration of healing as well as the level of aftercare will depend on how deep the peeling procedure was and your personal medical history. Your doctor will prescribe detailed guidelines to follow for after-care based on your personal needs and the procedure performed. Here are a few common restrictions.

Keep Your Head Elevated: For the first few days rest with your head reclined. Laying flat can increase your chance of swelling.

Limit Visitors: Keep your contact with others at a minimum during the first few days to minimize the chance of infection.

Monitor Your Temperature: Pay careful attention to any signs of fever. Fever can be a sign of infection.

Wash with Mild Soaps: Your wound will need to be kept exceptionally clean. Following wash care instructions given by your physician use only mild soaps. During the healing period you should also wash your hair with a mild shampoo such as Johnson’s Baby Shampoo┬«.

Avoid Sunlight and Wind: For up to three months following a chemical peel sunlight and wind should be avoided. Redness and brown pigmentation may occur with any direct contact with either during this period.



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