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Sample Business of Introduction Letter


An introduction letter produces a first impression. It is as important as dressing properly for a job interview or offering a firm handshake to a potential client. A business letter of introduction can be used to introduce a person, business, product, or service. It should be written with a professional tone, but a conversational style. As with all business letters, it is always better to address a specific person instead of a generic “Dear Sir:”.

Person or Company Introduction

  • State the name of the person or company in the first sentence.
  • Explain who you are and how you are connected to the person or company being introduced.
  • Present background information for the person or company being introduced.
  • Conclude with a “call to action” for the recipient and a summary of the purpose of the letter.

Product or Service Introduction

Writing a letter of introduction for a product or service is quite similar to a letter for a person or business. In addition to the pointers listed above, there are a few extra items to include when introducing a product or service:

  • Explain the ways that the product or service is better than those currently in use.
  • Offer examples that relate easily to the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  • Include information on how the reader can verify the facts you are offering.
  • Close with clear contact and ordering information.

Sample Introduction Letter

Dear Ms. Franklin,

I would like to introduce you to Jack Spratt. He is the new outside sales representative for NoFat Inc. We have used NoFat Inc. for our specialized diet products for several years now and have been very happy with their service. Since you expressed an interest in acquiring such a service, I have given Jack your contact information.

NoFat, Inc. supplies our dietary needs fully with a wide range of quality products at about half the price of most of their competitors. You can check out their complete line at their Web site: The website lists the ingredients and all dietary statistics for each of their products.

NoFat, Inc also offers full personal account services and Jack will be your representative. He has a degree in dietary science and 15 years experience in the diet food market. I have been acquainted with Jack for several years and I am very pleased that he has joined the NoFat family. I am sure you will enjoy working with him.


Ms. Lean

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