Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Student Athlete

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A student athlete may ask for a letter of recommendation from a past or present coach, a recreational team coach, opposing coach, or athletic director. In a letter of recommendation for a student athlete, the letters should attest to the student athlete's character, conduct on the field and level of athletic prowess. These recommendations should include specific references, instead of vague praise. Further, undue praise lavished upon the student athlete may be seen as diminishing the credibility of the writer. Because you will be referring to a student, it is acceptable to refer to the student athlete by his or her first name. Student athletes should attach these letters to a resume or application for the college in which they wish to play.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Student Athlete

2345 School Lane
Woodsboro, Virginia 00000

November 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Michael Smith for the last four years as the head coach of the Woodsboro High School football team. From this experience, I can say with confidence that Michael is a dedicated student athlete who leads from example and will be an asset to any future team.

As a freshman, Michael became a running back for the junior varsity football team. During the season, Mr. Smith practiced hard and quickly earned a place on the varsity team. He averaged 5.7 yards a carry with at least one touchdown in every game.

During the four years that I had the privilege of coaching him, Michael stood out as a leader both on and off the gridiron. He was named to the all-state football team all four years during high school. He also volunteered his time at the local Boys and Girls Club to encourage younger children to join sports.

Michael's goal is to play football in college. I know that he will be an outstanding addition to any college team. If you have any questions about Michael or need film, please feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555.

John Doe
Head Coach of Woodsboro High School Football

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