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Sample Letter of Recommendation for College


Many colleges and universities require their applicants to submit at least one letter of recommendation. These letters provide the admissions committee information that may not be found elsewhere in the application such as personal characteristics. Before writing a letter of recommendation, the writer should ask the applicant for a copy of his resume and transcripts. This will give the writer the necessary material and background to formulate a good letter. For college, most letters of recommendation will discuss academic performance, scholastic honors and awards, student’s goals and potential, extracurricular activities, research skills, and/or contributions to class discussions.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for College

123 University Lane
Charlotte, Virginia 00000

November 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my highest recommendation for Beverly Doe to attend university and study biology. She is an exceptional student and would be a wonderful addition to your university community.

As a science teacher at Woodside High School, I have taught Beverly two semesters of biology. She has excelled both semesters and has a “knack” for this type of science. Additionally, she has shown a desire to learn by attending any extra tutoring I have given on the subject. Most of the students in my class earn a grade of B, however, Beverly has achieved an A both semesters. The students were evaluated through homework, test scores, and class participation.

Beverly is the president of the Science Club which she helped found her sophomore year of high school. Beverly was concerned that younger students were not enjoying science, so she decided to recruit her classmates to cure this problem. The science club helps promote the sciences to elementary school students by performing simple laboratory experiments.

Beverly is a wonderful leader and student. I am certain that if Beverly is admitted to your instition, she will continue to achieve more than you could ever hope.

Very respectfully,
John Doe
Biology teacher
Woodside High School

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