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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Employment


A letter of recommendation will endorse a particular applicant for employment. The letter should be a one page document written using a business letter format. A standard a letter of recommendation can be divided into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph known as the introduction, the writer should introduce herself and the applicant. The second paragraph discusses the merits and qualifications of the applicant. Here, in the body, the writer should describe instances which demonstrate the listed qualifications. The final paragraph of the letter should be very short and reiterates the writer’s recommendation of the applicant.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Employment

789 Glory Street
Merritown, VA 00000

November 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to lend my highest support for John Doe in finding employment with XYZ Corporation. Mr. Doe was my student for several different semesters at ABC University. Additionally, he became my graduate research fellow his senior year. He would be a tremendous asset to your organization.

Mr. Doe had a sharp mind who always contributed to the class discussions. When I assigned a group assignment in class, Mr. Doe would inevitably become the leader of the group and help the weaker students to work to their best potential. In my classes, Mr. Doe always received a grade in the top 10% of the class. While he was my graduate research fellow, he was able to put together wonderful research projects and always followed my directions exactly. He, also, provided his research faster than any of my other fellows.

I am giving Mr. Doe my highest recommendation for employment. He is an industrious, intelligent, and polite young man. I know that if he is hired for this position, he will continue to grow and will become indispensible to the ABC Corporation.

Very respectfully,
Susan Smith
Professor of Business
ABC Corporation

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