Sample Letter of Recommendation for Grad School

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Graduate Schools often require two to three letters of recommendation from their applicants. Usually, faculty members, school administrators, or guidance counselors write these letters, however, occasionally they may come from an employer. When asked to write a letter of recommendation for graduate school, ask the applicant for a copy of her admissions essay, transcript, resume and any other document that would be helpful in creating a letter of documentation. The writer needs to add credibility to the letter by discussing the writer's qualification in evaluating the applicant such as the writer's employment and how well the writer knows the applicant. The body of the letter should include positive qualities about the applicant along with specific examples.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

456 Center Lane
Honeywell, Virginia 00000

December 1, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to lend my support for Susan Smith to attend ABC University to further her graduate studies in English. I highly recommend that she be accepted into your coveted program.

As a Professor of Literature at XYZ University for ten years, I have instructed many students in the subject. However, Ms. Smith's willingness to learn and dedication to literature have stood out among her colleagues. I have had the pleasure of Ms. Smith's presence in four of my classes. Each time she earned an A in my class, whereas the average student would earn a B.

In her senior year, Ms. Smith wrote her senior thesis on post-modern techniques used by Toni Morrison. She worked tirelessly and presented a flawless paper to the thesis committee at the end of the year. In fact, Ms. Smith won the school's top thesis award for her efforts.

I believe that Ms. Smith will become a leader in the study of literature, making her an excellent candidate for your school. She will continue to excel in the future and receives my highest recommendation as a student.

Very respectfully,
Jane Doe
Professor of Literature
XYZ University

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