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Sample Letter of Recommendation from Employer


When asked to write a letter of recommendation for a former employee or an employee who has left, there are several items to consider. Before beginning to write the letter, consult any internal corporate guidelines regarding this letter. Many companies delineate specific items that may be included in this document. This helps to avoid any potential legal action. Secondly, the writer should know the former employee and honestly be able to recommend the applicant. Finally, the letter, itself, needs to be short, concise, and written in a business letter format. The letter should verify the employee’s length of employment, duties, and specific sales position. If possible, avoid generalities about the employee and give specific instances of positive conduct.

Sample Letter of Recommendation of Employment from Employer

123 Charles Street
Alexandria, VA 00000

November 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

As the direct supervisor of sales, I take pleasure in recommending Jane Smith for the position of sales associate. Ms. Smith’s duties included selling electronics in the store and interacting with customers. I have been Ms. Smith’s direct boss for two years and have been impressed with her work.

When Ms. Smith became a member of the electronics sales team, sales in that area increased. She has a positive personality which attracts customers. She also made sure to know all of the specific details of each product that we sold. This helped her provide answers to customer’s specific questions, which lead to many purchases. She was able to work independently with very little supervision which was a great help to me.

Ms. Smith was a wonderful worker and an asset to our store. I am sure that she will continue to do outstanding work.

Very respectfully,
John Doe
Sales Supervisor, Big Mart Stores

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