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Sample Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is intended as a professional recommendation for Jack Smith. For the past three years, I have been Jack’s supervisor at McMillan Industries. I have worked with Jack on close to thirty different projects, and I have been constantly impressed with both his professionalism and performance in the field.

In all aspects of his work, Jack has demonstrated remarkable leadership and organizational abilities. His duties included both managing a team of ten workers and maintaining relationships with past clients, and he excelled at both. Jack’s team is by far the most efficient I have ever worked with, and I have never met another employee with more dedication to our clients. I remember one instance where, on his day off, Jack spent nearly five hours on the phone with a client, and asked for no pay in return. Dedication of that caliber is remarkably uncommon in our field.

Jack was an asset to our company even outside his main duties. His optimistic and cheerful attitude carried across his entire department, and his work alone resulted in a 5% increase in total company profits. In addition, Jack took the initiative to organize weekly meetings for his entire department, which seemed to greatly improve employee work ethics.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jack for employment. His skills would provide an advantage to any organization.

John Doe
Supervisor, McMillan Industries

Sample Academic Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is intended as my personal recommendation for Jane Smith. I have been both Jane’s class advisor and psychology professor over the course of her four years at our university.

Jane has always impressed me with her dedication and focus. She has consistently maintained a 3.85GPA, and has never taken less than 17 credits. Jane was genuinely interested in the topics being discussed in my classes; she would often stay after the period ended and ask for more information. This was reflected in her research papers – Jane’s writing was of a superior quality, and I cannot think of an instance where she did not earn an A from me.

During Jane’s first month at our university, I was meeting with her to reschedule a class. To my surprise, she requested an independent study: a research project in psychology. I would usually have rejected such a proposal from a freshman, but Jane’s seriousness and maturity toward the matter struck me, and I approved her request. Her resulting paper took first place at a local research conference, and is set to be published later this year.

As both her professor and her advisor, I wholeheartedly recommend Jane for admittance into any academic institution.

Dr. John Doe
Lemuria University


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