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Author: Alexandra Roberts

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Summary: Sample performance review with examples for exceptional, adequate and negative comments.

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In our fictional performance review, Jill is a newly hired staff writer for a publishing company.  Examples are given for exceptional, adequate, and negative performance feedback.

Job Knowledge


Jill's performance in her current job as staff writer is exceptional. After only three months on the job, it became apparent that Jill has skills far beyond that of her current job description.  In her six months with the company, Jill has met her deadlines in half the time allotted and utilized the remainder of her work week to present and drive initiatives forward including our new editorial and style guidelines, the method by which we pay the freelance staff, and reorganized the way we utilize current staff.


Jill has no difficulty in her role as staff writer in turning in a satisfactory piece of work within the required deadline.

Needs Improvement

Though Jill turns in work worthy of praise, she often misses her deadlines. In the coming months, Jill will need to let go of the perfectionist tendencies in order to meet deadlines.




Jill is every manager's ideal employee.  She arrives before her scheduled work time to prepare for her day and is ready to go before the other employees begin to drag in.  She is willing to come in early and stay late, missing the occasional lunch break when deadlines are looming or there is a project that needs to be completed.


Jill is a consistent employee arriving at work at the scheduled time.

Needs Improvement

Jill is consistently tardy both in the morning and following any break periods.  Time management should be addressed, as her tardiness not only affects the business's bottom line, but the imposition her absence places on her coworkers.


Work Quality


Jill's quality of work is consistently first-rate. Her proficient use of the English language and skillful ability to grab her reader's attention produce a piece of work in which we are always proud to affix our label.  Her strong work ethic and obvious talent for her art are an asset to this company.


Jill's quality of work is consistently error-free. It is obvious that she takes the time to carefully proofread her material and takes pride in precision.

Needs Improvement

Jill's quality of work is generally error-free and publish-ready. In the coming months, we would like to see the same passion that she exuded in her job interview woven into her articles.




In only a few months, Jill has become one of our most effective team members and is highly valued by management.  Jill set out to meet her job requirements and immediately recognized areas that could be altered for better efficiency in both time management and money saving.  This quarter alone, under the leadership of her direct supervisor, her innovative ideas have assisted in bringing her department ten thousand dollars under budget.


Jill is not afraid to bring new ideas to the table and periodically shares her ideas with other staff members.

Needs Improvement

Jill is not afraid to bring new ideas to the table and frequently suggests them at department meetings.  Unfortunately, the manner in which she presents ideas, by finding fault with the projects of others, leave her coworkers feeling attacked.   Jill needs to work on the way she approaches a problem and should offer alternatives that don't undermine the work of others.


Communication Skills


Jill is a persuasive communicator and possesses the ability to get her ideas across clearly and effectively. Her reports are always exhaustive leaving little to interpretation. She has the ability to not only communicate her needs and concerns, but recognizes the needs in others and often acts as a liaison for those that are not effective communicators.


Jill has no problem with communicating her needs. She takes direction well, can share ideas constructively, and has satisfactory written communication skills.  

Needs Improvement

Jill will often find herself in need of support and will miss a deadline rather than communicate her needs to her supervisor. Jill gives very little input to staff and management and will not be successful filling her job description if she does not communicate her needs.




Jill is quick to help others and always takes responsibility for her actions making her a favorite with the staff and management alike. Jill can be counted on to meet her own deadlines and is always willing to jump in and help others to meet theirs when she recognizes someone is falling behind.


Jill can be counted on when directly approached and asked to help with a situation.

Needs Improvement

Jill often blames her oversights and missed deadlines on others.  Because of this the rest of the staff shies away from working with her and very few staff members count on Jill for anything.


Performance Review Word Bank


Effective, Strong, High Quality, Solid, Resilient, Persuasive, Compelling, Passionate, Dedicated, Excellent, Superior, First-Rate, Proficient, Expert, Skillful, Outstanding, Superb, Tremendous, Reliable, Trustworthy, Frequently, Often, Consistently, Always, Asset


Sound, Satisfactory, Capable, Competent, Helpful, Beneficial, Useful, Fair, Moderate, Mediocre, Acceptable, Reasonable, Periodically 


Lacking, Resists, Ineffective, Weak, Deficient, Wanting, Poor, Inadequate, Inferior, Unsatisfactory, Unacceptable, Substandard, Disappointing, Insufficient, Needs Improvement, Seldom, 


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