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How to Do a Self Performance Review


The self performance review is an effective way to make the employee performance review a two-way conversation rather than a one-way lecture. It is a way to compare the employee’s perception of his or her performance on the job with that of the employer’s evaluation. A self evaluation is also valuable to the manager in assessing his own effectiveness on the job and planning his career path. Requesting a self performance review is a good way to help the employer in his assessment of the employee.

The Job Description

The self assessment form should include the job description of the employee and ask him to review it. The employee is then asked to assess how well he feels he is carrying out the duties assigned in the job description. The assessment should also ask if anything needs to be updated on the description. For example, are there any duties which are no longer required of the employee since the last evaluation? Are there any additional responsibilities that the employee is performing since the last review that should be added to the job description? How well does the job description match what is actually being expected of the employee since it was last revised? This information can help the employer decide if and how the job description needs revision or to be re-written, or if the employee should be promoted to a job that more closely matches what the employee is presently performing.

Progress and Development

Has the employee been actively taken steps to improve his or her abilities pertaining to the job through education and training? Does the employee feel that he or she is ready to take on new responsibilities on the job? How has the employee met goals that he set for his or her career at the beginning of the current evaluation period? How well did the employee live up to his or her own expectations for the employee’s career? Has the employee’s career goals been reached? If not, why was he or she unable to achieve these goals? The employee may want to supply positive evidence of his or her accomplishments, such as awards or certifications earned, or statistics which demonstrate the accomplishment of a measurable goal. Has the employee made progress toward improvement in some areas of his performance that needed improvement at the last evaluation?

What Lies in the Future

The employee is asked if he wishes to set career goals for the next year or several years. If the employee wants to be promoted to a more responsible position, what steps is he taking to prepare himself for the added responsibilities? Will he need for the company to provide him the training or resources for him to accomplish these career goals? How does the employee feel that he can improve in areas in which he feels less capable? Does the employee need any help from the company to accomplish his goals or perform her job more effectively? This can help the employer in deciding whether to groom the employee for a promotion.

Job Satisfaction

How satisfied is the employee with his or her employment at the company? Can the working conditions be improved? Does the employee feel that the workplace is safe? How can it be made to be a safer place to work? Does the employee feel that he or she is being treated fairly and respectfully by the supervisor and the other people the employee is working with? Does the employee need to have or to take advantage of more of the benefits provided by the employer? How well is the employee able to balance his home life with his work life? Questions such as these are important to the employer, because job satisfaction will motivate the employee not only to stay at the company, but will also help the employee to do a better job.



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